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General Information

Do I Need An Attorney? 

        Most people involved in an auto accident are not aware of their rights concerning choice of care, wage loss recovery and home care benefits. The claims personnel at the insurance company, including your own, are trained to resolve cases quickly, cheaply and most favorably to the company’s benefit. An experienced attorney understands how to properly and fairly evaluate and represent your claim to the insurance company while you can concentrate on getting well. Your attorney will determine available insurance coverages, communicate with your healthcare provider and review all information to be presented to the insurance company.

Can I Afford An Attorney? 

        When hiring an attorney to handle your claim, be sure to choose one
specializing in personal injury in order to ensure a fair settlement for all of your losses. There is no charge for an initial consultation in my office. I make arrangements with my clients to charge a percentage of the amount recovered from the insurance company. This allows to obtain the best possible legal service at the time of your injury. My fee is collected at the time your claim is settled.

How Long Will It Take To Settle My Claim? 

        The length of time to settle your claim is usually determined between you and your healthcare provider. You should never attempt to settle your claim until you have been released or have been given a meaningful opinion as to your future condition. Most claims can be settled within sixty days of receiving your doctor’s final report.

If I Hire An Attorney, Will This Mean A Lawsuit? 

        Over 95% of the injury claims handled by M. Scott Ericson, P.S. are resolved without a lawsuit being necessary. In the event the insurance company is unwilling to resolve your claim to your satisfaction, the option of commencing a lawsuit will be discussed. No lawsuit will be started without your knowledge and permissin.

What If The Party At Fault Is Uninsured? 

        At the initial free consultation, I will help you determine the available insurance coverages by reviewing all of the insurance policies involved. In some cases, where the party at fault is not insured or has inadequate insurance to cover an injured party, a claim can be made under your own uninsured motorists coverage. No hesitation should be made in using this coverage since you have paid insurance premiums to cover yourself for these types of lawsuits.

General Information For Accident Victims 

        Advise your healthcare provider of all symptoms and pain you are experiencing. The insurance company evaluates your claim based on your doctor’s and healthcare provider’s records and reports. Therefore, communication is important while receiving care. Do not take lightly the questions asked by any insurance company taking a statement from you after an accident. For example, information given to the insurance company concerning your care or treatment prior to your accident may be used against you at a later date. An insurance company may hire a private investigator to do an activity check on you. This may include videotaping you and/or talking to your neighbors. Many times people are pressured to settle their claims prematurely while they are still under active care. This is not fair to the injured party and usually only benefits the insurance company. Do not sign any type of release without careful consideration. Remember, once a release is signed, it puts an end to your claim.